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Small Batch Concrete


We now sell small batch concrete, in tow able mixing trailers so your concrete stays consistent. We can load up to 1 Yard in the trailer at a time. No longer do you need to buy bags of concrete and do the back breaking work of mixing it yourself, with our trailer we will load them and you are off with the concrete mixing and ready to go once you get to the job site. Included in the sale of the concrete you get 2 hours with the trailer. If you need it for a longer amount of time it is $25 an hour. We ask that you clean the trailer so that it is ready to go for the next customer, if brought back dirty there is a $100 cleaning charge. The trailer also must come back clean and empty as we have no where to dump unused concrete, please feel free to use our concrete calculator to determine how much concrete you need for your next project.

Concrete Calculator

Concrete prices

4 sack concrete          1/4  yard     $103.00
                                       1/2 yard      $117.00
                                       3/4 yard      $137.00
                                         1 yard       $158.00

5 sack concrete            1/4  yard     $111.00
                                         1/2 yard      $125.00
                                         3/4 yard      $143.00
                                            1 yard      $164.00

6 sack concrete            1/4  yard     $123.00
                                          1/2 yard     $141.00
                                         3/4 yard     $155.00
                                            1 yard     $187.00

Four sack concrete is good for fence post, parking barriers, and other no load bearing post.

Five sack concrete is good for sidewalks, patios, and other pads that are non load bearing.

Six sack concrete is used for driveways, and other heavy use pads.

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