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China Dishes

Rental Rates

10' Dinner Plate        .47 Cents Ea
7.25" Salad Plate      .41 Cents Ea
6" Snack Plate           .38 Cents Ea

China Coffee Cup and Saucer

Rental Rates

Coffee Cup    .40 Cents Ea
Saucer           .40 Cents Ea

White Dishes

Rental Rates

10.25" Dinner Plate                  .48 Cents Ea
7.75" Salad Plate                      .41 Cents Ea
6.5" Bread and Butter Plate      .38 Cents Ea

White Salad Bowel

Rental Rates

Weekend     .42 Cents Ea

White Coffee Cup and Saucer

Rental Rates

Coffee Cup     .40 Cents Ea
Saucer            .40 Cents Ea

Glass Dishes

Rental Rates

8" Lunch Plate           .50 Cents Ea               
6.5" Desert Plate               .40 Cents Ea

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